Why should you have us verify your medical accounts

Incorrect billing on medical accounts is more common than you think.
There are issues with inappropriate coding, excess charging, charging for investigations that were not requested and, charging for inappropriate consumables.
All of these can be investigated and corrected when you upload your account in the members area and our professionals can verify your account.


Join Now for advice on your medical accounts

Join Now

For us to verify your medical account you need to be a member. Select from one of our three Membership plans. From a single person, to a large extended family with up to four grandparents. Join for a year and get two months free. If you do not see a membership plan that is right for you then talk to us, we will accommodate you in any way we can.

Instant Access to healthcare professionals

Instant Access

Once you are a member you will have instant access to the members area where you can upload your accounts to our medical professionals. The easiest thing to do would be to take a picture with your mobile, but you can also select files on your computer or mobile.

Quick response on any errors in your medical account

Quick Response

Our team of professionals will go through your account and verify each item. If there are any errors in the account we will let you know. Based on their findings you can go back to your service provider and ask them to correct any mistakes.

If you have any questions then have a look at the About us page where there are some FAQ.

This is what some of our members have to say about us

(names withheld for member confidentiality)